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Play. art. Mindfulness. science.


Where children tap into their inner power!

Grab an art studio, mix it with a LAB and a theater, add in a playground, sprinkle some deep breaths, sparkle some magic, and top it with education. Yes, that’s Creating Me.

We are the wisdom not taught at school. Our programming is centered around a monthly theme that explores aspects of the human experience such as Origin, Self, Unity, Power, Love, Presence, Flow, Energy, Talent, and more. Our team of Teaching Artists explore these themes differently in the context of their classes, giving children a variety of methods to learn while always prioritizing creativity and personal expression.

Creating Me evolves monthly! Do you want to?


Our Mission

To offer a dynamic space where children can learn to create themselves through self-expression, awareness, and empowerment.

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Our Programs

At Creating Me, we believe that we are all born with a genius within. Let’s discover it!

Our programming is designed to develop children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. All of our programs are led by our team of Teaching Artists, who are each trained in their respective disciplines. Learning through a creative mindset is the goal.

We offer guided drop-off sessions, three core classes during the week, and two weekend classes for age groups of 4-7 and 8-12.


Tap in, Drop-off!

Guided play and exploration for 1-3 hours.

Our Teaching Artists are here to guide each child to recognize and connect with their inner power. Children begin the hour by tapping in as a group and flow through our designated work stations together. They gain a sense of connection through creative projects and games that provoke them to think, communicate, and reflect.

We change our work stations weekly!

For ages, 4 and under, please call us to see if your child can be left unsupervised.

Come in or RVSP!

CORE CLASSES - starting april 1!







We give Back!

We care SO much about the well-being and the education of every child. We want to take over the world to give children the tools they need to unleash their inner power. That is why we offer free workshops to communities in need.



of experience

Our team are Teaching Artists who are well educated and experienced in the field.



children Impacted

We’ve been around creating smiles.