My Toddler & Me

Hourly drop-in rate $15 (2nd & 3rd hour receive discount!)
Friday: 5-7pm
(Up to two parents or guardians)

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 7pm.
(limited to one parent or guardian only)

Our open studio drop-in hours are now available for toddlers and their parents or guardians!

Explore our creative stations freely with your little one! From book reading at the Wisdom Tree, to finger puppet play, to dressing up, exploring with colors, instruments, and more! The experience will be supported and embraced by our Teaching Artists. 


Sensory Art & Play

90 minute workshop $30
Starting FALL 2019.

A guided sensory experience and creative workshop for toddlers and parents or guardians.

Let's tap into a creative and playful experience! Together we will explore different senses as a foundation for your child's development and creative expression. From sensory bin exploration, music making, painting, to playing with colored whipped cream and pasta. We will provide a safe, non-toxic, and loving environment that will be guided by our Teaching Artists.