To offer a dynamic space where children can learn to create themselves
through self-expression, awareness, and empowerment.


Grab an Art Studio, mix it with a LAB & a Theater, add a Playground, spread a deep breathe, sparkle Magic, and top it with Education. Yep, that’s Creating Me.

Our programming is designed to develop children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We guide children to discover their innate talents and abilities through a balance of playfulness and mindfulness. Our monthly themes explore and reflect on the human experience with themes such as Love, Unity, Presence, Inner Power, Talent, and more. We are the wisdom not taught at school.

Our program is led by our team of Teaching Artists. Creativity and personal expression is at the heart of our process.

"Once you tap into your power, nothing can stop the genius within to come out to play, create, and become who it came to be."

— Nathalie Varona, FOUNDER